Tsukino Katsura Sake enjoys individuality and brews over culture.

Since its establishment in 1675, Tsukino Katsura has pursued not just a "good taste"
but a depth and breadth of the essence of sake.

The joy of sake brewing lies in cherishing the seasons and individuality,
not choosing to settle for peacefulness and always pushing forward.
This is the spirit of Tsukino Katsura.
The pursuit of individuality and respect for seasonality come together in our sake.
It has become a common practice to brew sake all year round with the progress of digitalization, but we continue to only brew during the strict winter season.
Rice and water are both "living" elements derived from nature. We embrace the wide range of flavors that come from the individuality of each season, and see this as the true joy of sake.
We have always sought to create a unique world that only Tsukino Katsura can offer.

Furthermore, sake brewing cannot be accomplished without human sensibility.
That is why we place great importance on craftsmanship and not only on the sake itself,
but also on the surrounding sake dishes, cuisine, traditional events, and art, focusing on the relationship between sake and culture in a wide range of areas and have valued sake as a taste.

While preserving the tradition of being a sake brewery in Fushimi, Kyoto, we aim not only to follow in the footsteps of those who came before us, but also to pursue unconventional sake that does not follow the trends of the world.